Why Didnt Samantha Peszek Get To Compete In The Olympics?

The 2008 Olympic games left a few people wondering why didn’t Samantha Peszek get to compete in the Olympics. The short answer to that question is, Samantha Peszek did get to compete in the Olympic games. It just so happens that anyone who got up to get a soda may have missed it. Samantha Peszek only got to compete in one Olympic event, the uneven bars.

Samantha Peszek worked very hard to make the 2008 Olympic gymnastic team. She placed third in the all around competition at the 2008 American Cup. The coaches knew Samantha Peszek had a good chance at a spot on the 2008 Olympic gymnastic team. A solid performance at the U.S. National Championship sealed her fate. She would indeed be chosen to go to the 2008 Summer Olympics. Her specialty was her expertise in vault, an event where the U.S team showed weakness.

While warming up for the team's preliminary event Peszek did one last tumbling run. The very end of the run would spell disaster when she heard a pop in her ankle. Her coaches decided that she would not be able to compete on vault. However, Peszek would get one chance to compete in the Olympic games. The coaches entered her in the uneven bar team event. Samantha Peszek did not have a spectacular showing in that event. The stress of the Olympic games and the injury caused her to give a less than stellar performance in her only Olympic event.

Samantha Peszek did get to compete in the Olympics, even if only for two minutes. Samantha Peszek and the U.S Olympic team took silver in the team all around. The country was proud of Samantha, and she was welcomed home with a lot of fan fair. A two minute performance in the Olympics is something Samantha Peszek can always be proud of.

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