Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop?

Wondering why do dogs eat their poop? It is a common question and a disgusting thing to see. Although weird, it is a deliberate and habitual part of a dog's nature. Below are many reasons why dogs eat poop. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of why dogs eat their poop, and the many potential reasons of why they do it.

  1. Your dog might have parasites or worms. Sometimes a dog might eat his poop because he may have parasites or worms. Parasites can suck the nutrients out of your dog's body, driving him to eat poop to receive his nutrients.
  2. Your dog could be stressed. Just like humans, when a dog is stress they tend to do weird things. Your dog might eat his poop because he is anxious, nervous, tired, scared, or upset.
  3. Your dog could be neglected. Dogs may eat  poop simply just to past time due to him being extremely bored or lonely. This could be a sign of neglect, meaning you might want to consider spending more time with your dog.
  4. Your dog is hungry. If your dog doesn't have food readily available to him and he's starting to get over hungry, he will definitely start to eat his poop, especially younger dogs.
  5. Some dogs just like the taste of poop. I know this makes no sense, but since dogs are odd animals, some of them just like the taste of their poop. It's usually due to how it is warm and moist like it was as a puppy when being fed.
  6. Your dog thinks it's food. If you're feeding your dog low quality dog food that is made of materials that are easily passed through your dog, when it poops, the dog thinks it is very much like the food it just ate. Yea, you might want to consider upgrading your dog's food if you want him to stop eating the his poop.
  7. Your dog wants attention. Some dogs eat poop to gain attention from their owners. Although this isn't positive attention that they receive, it is still some type of attention from your dog to get an interaction from you-whether good or bad.
  8. Your dog could eat his poop by accident. Your dog could accidentally be eating his poop. Dogs are curious animals, which make them try to eat almost anything. A dog's world is mainly all about taste and smell.



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