Why Do Dogs Lick People?

Ask yourself why do dogs lick people and the answers can be plenty. Long term dog owners can agree that a dog licks people to show appreciation and love. But what are the other reasons as to why dogs do lick people? You would be surprised. Dogs are true detectives to various scents and tastes by lick alone.

Water in the eyes of a dog can become a visual temptation, a quick drink, or a liquid mass to play in. A person highly sweating may endure a thirsty licking dog. Just ask a hairy dog owner on a hot summer day. Licking happens.

Familiar scents undetected by the human nose can be picked up by the nose of a dog. Dogs are well known for being great trackers of scent. Their nostrils lead the way potentially resulting in a lick from the sloppy tongue of a dog.

When a dog locates the source of a delicious scent they naturally want to lick. The same would apply if a person had a delicious scent on their skin. From simple clumsiness to fruit scented lotions, dogs tend to do what they do best – lick.

But what would deem one of the main reasons why dogs lick people? Out of affection. They ponder, they pounce, they lick because they love you. You feed them, walk them, bath them as if they were your own child. Dogs who are cared for usually show signs of affection in return as the best way for a dog to share affection is through a series of licks.

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