Why Do Girls Get Wet?

You love it when it happens, but that does not keep you from wondering about why do girls get wet? Women often become wet before sexual intercourse, and this slimy liquid inside her vagina allows you to penetrate her without causing her pain, while also providing easy transportation for sperm to travel from the vaginal cavity, through the cervix and into the uterus or fallopian tubes.

Sexual Stimulation As a woman becomes aroused, either from making out, receiving a massage or watching a dirty film, the veins in her genitals begin filling with blood. As the blood veins dilate, the vagina begins to feel full and swollen and the cervix and mucus membrane begin to react and sweat to produce thinned mucus that wets the vagina. The mucus travels down the vaginal cavity and makes the lips of the vagina become wet. Girls get wet as a natural reaction to sexual stimulation.

Substitution As women grow older and pass through certain stages of their monthly menstrual cycle or pregnancy, they may have more trouble getting wet than normal. Actions that usually arouse her and make her wet may not achieve this effect every time. Do not become upset if you cannot get her wet on one or a few occasions, as this often occurs to the disadvantage of both of you. If your lady partner does not become wet on her own but still wants to engage in sexual intercourse, you can use synthetic lubricants to wet her vagina for intercourse.

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