Why Do I Fart So Much?

Ever asked, “Why do I fart so much?” This is a common concern of many men. Flatulence, the state of having excessive intestinal gas, results in farting. While it is a natural bodily function, it can be very embarrassing. Many men feel they fart too much and wonder why.

Flatulence can also cause a bloated feeling. Excessive gas can build up in the body by two main sources. People who feel they suffer from extreme flatulence should seek the opinion of a doctor.

The first reason why you re farting so much is increased intake of gas. This is exactly what it sounds like. People naturally swallow air and this can cause a buildup of gas in the body. Things that can cause you to swallow air are: rapid drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco products, sucking hard candy, wearing loose dentures, drinking carbonated beverages and even hyperventilation. Burping can remove most of swallowed air but any that is not removed will then build up in the body. When this air builds up, you fart.

Another reason you fart so much is because of the breakdown of undigested foods. Foods and drinks  that are known to make you fart are: beans, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, whole grains, potatoes, corn, onions, noodles, beer and red wine.

While farting might be embarrassing, it is still a natural body function. It should not be a concern unless it is excessive or causes extreme discomfort. You can also decrease how often you fart by removing some of the factors that causes it.

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