Why Do I Have No Friends

Many people ask the age old question, "Why do I have no friends?" The simple answer to this question is that you probably are not open to meeting new people and taking the time to go out to meet people in the first place. Humans are social creatures, every human craves other human companionship. It's only natural to want someone to talk with, hang out with and spend time shooting the breeze. So, if you want to make friends and meet new people follow this advice to get started!

  1. Go out in the world! You will never meet new people and gain friends sitting at home in front of the T.V. Instead, try going bowling, going to the movies, or going out to bars or local pubs just to hang out by yourself. It may seem like your a loner at first, but really you are more capable of attracting social activity if you look open and willing to communicate.
  2. Get new hobbies. Exploring new hobbies can open the door for you socially and mentally. New challenges present new opportunities to better yourself, have more to talk about and you can also meet a lot of interesting people along the way. Give a sport a try, take up rock climbing classes, or even a book club. You will be making friends in no time!
  3. Stop closing yourself off. Some people are less social than others, and that's fine. However, when you are trying to make friends, you need to make yourself more open to conversations and social events. When someone approaches you for a conversation, make sure that your body language speaks for itself. Sit up straight, look friendly and most of all try to engage in conversations and act generally interested in what people have to say.
  4. Don't complain too much. Another reason some people cannot find friends is simply because they might whine and come off as negative to others. In some cases, people can be very negative to every situation, which causes others to feel negative energy. Instead of being a 'debbie downer' and have something negative to say about everything, try to find one thing good in every situation.



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