Why Do Men Like Garter Belts?

There is nothing sexier than a beautiful women in a garter with stockings but exactly why do men like garter belts? This exact question has astonished men through the decades and very few actually know the true intention of the garter belt. Originally, the garter belt was designed to secure a women's stockings before the invention of the panty hose. Today, the garter belt has transformed into a seductive piece of intimate apparel typically withheld for the bedroom.

Garters were created in the eighteenth century but are still very popular today. They feature narrow bands of fabric that fasten to the top portion of the stockings to hold them up. They are typically made from a heavy cloth or leather and can contain small accessories such as ribbons or bells. Garters are elastic and move with the women, in or out of the bedroom. The appearance is not the only reasoning as to why men like garter belts. 

A women who is confident in what she wears is extremely sexy to a man. Many women feel very lady-like and seductive while wearing a garter belt, thus turning on the heat between her and her man. Garter belts can also make a women feel and look sharp. So why do men like garter belts more than many of the other types of intimate apparel? This sexy piece of lingerie allows for fantasy play and for any women to feel like a girly-girl, even just for a night.

There is no one set answer to why men like garter belts. One of the several reasons may have to do with how a garter can gather a sense of mystery. Many women wear garter belts underneath their normal clothing. A garter beneath a dress or tight pair of slacks can make a man curious and want to see more. In a sense, the wonder of it all can be very sexy.

Many women wonder why men like garter belts, but there really isn't any secret to the topic. Garter belts can be fun and sexy for the women and her partner. Mixing and matching garter belts and stockings can make for a sexy surprise on a daily basis. It's impossible not to feel sexy when wearing a garter belt and many men will agree. So the next time your women asks why men like garter belts, consider these important reasons.

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