Why Do People Wear Ed Hardy?

Why do people wear Ed Hardy? The ever-changing trends of fashion can often leave people scratching their head and one of the most perplexing questions being asked today is “Why do people wear Ed Hardy?”  The Ed Hardy clothing line, created by designer Christian Audigier is mysteriously and insanely popular. The brand’s website features tan and toned men and women donning tattoo-inspired apparel and taking part in activities like volleyball or motorcycle riding.  While the clothing has undoubtedly attracted hoards of shoppers to purchase closets full of Ed Hardy goods, many of us are left asking, “Who cares?”

When looking to find out why people wear Ed Hardy, you need to take first take a long look, not at the clothing itself, but the people wearing it.  The average Ed Hardy fan loves physical activities like football and ultimate fighting.  They enjoy a good night out with the boys, drinking beer and hitting on waitresses.  They are the sole reason that the hair gel industry is still in business.  It makes sense that these types of people would want clothing that attempts to exude as much of a tough guy persona as they try to put out.  Who needs to actually get in fights when you can just put a picture of brass knuckles on your shirt?   What better way to show a woman that there’s a soft heart inside that chiseled exterior than a watch with a skull and a rose on it?

Another important consideration when wondering why people wear Ed Hardy is to recognize the role that status plays in fashion.  It’s not a new concept, for years people have been buying expensive clothes simply because they can.  High fashion is an easy way to tell the world “I’ve got cash and I know how to waste it.”  Take a quick look around the Ed Hardy website and you’ll find basic tees selling for over $60 (with specialty tees reaching close to $100).  This isn’t a brand for chumps.  Whether they are overcompensating for a lack of personality or intelligence, just got a big bonus at work, or want to show the ladies that they can treat them right, it’s clear that the price tag has led a number of dudes to put a little more Ed in their closet.

There may never be a clear answer as to why people wear Ed Hardy, but there’s no question that this brand’s popularity is continuing to grow.  Whether it’s the iconic images, enigmatic messages, or status that goes along with the astronomic price tag, designer Christian Audigier has hit a gold mine in the fashion world. 

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