Why Does Asparagus Make Urine Smell

Looking for information on why asparagus makes urine smell? Many people are amazed by the fact that they can have some asparagus with their dinner, and later on their urine will match the smell of the asparagus. This may seem rather disgusting to you, but it is actually quite interesting, because the vast majority of foods cannot produce that same effect. Trying to understand the scientific reasoning for why asparagus makes your urine smell can be quite difficult to understand, so this article will try to simplify the terms.

Asparagus is unique in the fact that it contains something called asparagusic acid. Asparagusic acid is something that is not found in any other vegetables. As you probably know, as your body is absorbing the nutrients from the food that you have consumed, any waste that is left over is collected by the kidneys and turned into urine. Your kidneys breaking down the asparagusic acid is what causes your urine to smell after you have consumed some asparagus. Believe it or not, the system that the human body uses to break down the asparagusic acid and scent your urine is actually very similar to how skunks produce their musk that they are famous for.

To get a bit more technical on you, the digestive enzymes that are in your body produce methanethiol after the asparagus has been broken down. Many doctors and scientists believe that it is the methanethiol that the human body produces that actually causes the asparagus scented urine. The methanethiol is actually produced in your stomach and travels to your kidneys, which is a process that many doctors and scientists still do not understand. If you are wondering why your urine is scented so quickly after eating asparagus, the reason for that is the fact that asparagus is actually a diuretic, which means it moves through your body rather quickly.

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