Why Does Poop Float?

For those who have trouble with their bowel movements, one core question they may ask is why does poop float? If this is something you have wondered about, here are some possible reasons why poop may float.

There are some medications that could cause floating poop. One of them is medication for intestinal worms. If you are not taking a medication that could cause the condition, wait at least three or four days to see if the condition ceases before you go running to your doctor or doing a colon cleanse.

Some doctors consider floating poop to be the product of consumption of a high fat diet. This theory is disputed by other doctors. 

Stools containing a lot of gas, especially methane, tend to float easily because of low density. This excess gas may be produced by the healthy bacteria in the intestine from a change in the diet, excess nutrients, or from a gasto-intestinal infection. Gastro-intestinal (GI) infections can cause stools to move quickly through the digestive tract and cause the poop to float when expelled. 

Malabsorption is another possible cause. This is where the intestine is not able to digest and absorb the fats and nutrients in the intestine. Malabsorption may result in diarrhea for a period of two weeks. 

Floating poop is mostly harmless and stops when the infection is over or the GI tract has adjusted to changes in the diet. It does not necessarily indicate an illness and does not require home care. If you think it is caused by some food in your diet, try figuring out which food and eliminate it. 

If the changes in your poop continue for more than two weeks, or if you experience blood, fever, or dizziness, along with the changes in your poop, it is important for you to contact a doctor immediately. The doctor will give you a thorough examination and if he feels it is necessary, a stool sample and blood tests will be taken. The doctor will ask you when you noticed the stools, do you have it all the time, have you changed your diet, are your stools smelly or an abnormal color, and if you have any other symptoms. 

Some of the diseases that can cause floating poop are abetalipoproteinemia, biliary atresia, cystic fibrosis, disaccharides deficiency, sprue or celiac disease, idiopathic steatorrhea, or short bowel syndrome. 

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