Why Men Leave Women


Why do men leave women after many years of a loving, healthy relationship? Why do otherwise sane men leave their girlfriend even though they claim to still be in love? Sometimes, breakups or separations are confusing for both parties. The bottom line is, there are three main explanations as to why men leave women: boredom, lack of intimacy, or a new love interest.

They’re bored. Men need excitement; that’s why they like high-speed cars, adrenaline-charged adventure sports, and even stimulating video games. What many women don’t understand is that cuddling on the couch watching a romantic comedy just isn’t enough excitement for many guys. Men need to be challenged and entertained. The less engaged they feel, the more likely they are to leave their woman.

They’re not getting intimacy. It’s no secret that men and women interpret intimacy differently. Most men aren’t very fond of emotional connections, and most women aren’t as hormone-crazy as men. Women can go for months without physical intimacy, yet men just go crazy. When men feel like they aren’t physically connecting to their partner, they can’t emotionally connect either. This problem unfortunately dissolves the relationship for both parties.

They found someone else. When men either feel bored or deprived of intimacy, they may seek out a new relationship. Whether they wait to end their first relationship before they find a new woman is up to them, but connecting with a new woman could be the last straw if they were already wondering if they should break things off. Sometimes, a new partner can show guys what they were missing out on.

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