Why Is My Poop Black?

Wondering why your poop is black? This is probably not a question most people feel comfortable asking non-medical professionals. However, this condition is a for concern for many people and is nothing to feel embarrassed about since it is usually an indication that something is wrong and the issue needs addressing by a medical professional.

Black poop or melena usually has a foul odor. This condition is sometimes not a reason to be alarmed about as in the case of passing bright, bloody stool. However, it requires an occult blood test by a physician, which often is taken during an annual check up to rule out any abnormality.

Black stool in no way means that you have hemorrhoid bleeding since hemorrhoidal bleeding is vibrant red. Dark poop means that the bleeding is not in the large bowels or rectum and is not occurring because of diverticulitis, a condition that develops in the colon and manifests itself with red, bloody stool.

Why is the poop black if it has nothing to do with hemorrhoids or diverticulitis? Stool turns black because it comes in contact with digestive juices and bloody stool that starts in the upper GI tract. This situation may develop due to bleeding in the small intestine, esophagus or stomach and does not exits rapidly, giving it time to turn black when it exits the anus. The bleeding may result from taking over-the-counter medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen. The condition may occur also due to ulcers.

Drinking red wine or eating certain foods maybe the reason why you have black poop and normally will go away quickly.  

Normal stool is soft and easy to pass and the best way to have a normal poop is by eating foods rich in fiber such as whole wheat.

Anyone experiencing an abnormal poop should consult their physician for diagnosis. Your physician will ask a series of question to determine the change in bowel movement and to decide what testing is necessary.

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