Why Should We Hire You Answer

Make the response to "Why should we hire you" answer a dynamic one. Job competition is escalating. No longer are you competing with a few. In some job situations, hundreds now compete for one entry level position. When asked this question, respond with an answer that will make them want to stand and applaud. At the next interview, use one of the following answers and watch them show signs of approval. You might just find yourself hired before walking out the door.

  1. "I will work free for one month." Let them know that if after one month, they are not happy with your performance, attitude and determination, you will walk away with them owing you nothing.  And express that you will feel better because of the experience and will part friends. An employer could not help but be impressed with an individual who is this confident in their ability.  
  2. "You should hire me because I come with a "Loyalty Contract."  Say something to this effect, "Of the total interviews today, at least three will rise to the top of your list. However, I am the only one that will provide you with a 'Loyalty Contract.' Let me explain my loyalty contract. There are hundreds of people who will say anything to get a job. They say anything they think you want to hear. However, once they get in the door, they "will" change. Those very things committed to in the interview are quickly forgotten when becoming permanent. I however, will provide you with a contract. That contract will stipulate everything I commit to in this interview, I guarantee from this day forward. I make no commitment that I will honor. That's my 'Loyalty Contract.'" Most employers have had a conversation regarding changes in employees from the interview to after they are hired. Employees change drastically sometimes after becoming permanent. They begin to feel confident in their position which makes them change. Giving the new employer a contract will make them feel that at least you are trying to commit to remaining loyal to your word.
  3. "You should hire me because I am a self motivated, performer." Your employer wants an employee who does not have to be told every step required to get the job done. When an employer searches for a new employee, they anticipate training the individual for a set period of time. After that period, they release them with the understanding there will be a few questions, but normally the person will be able to perform with minimal assistance. Make sure in the interview you let them know you are self motivated. You take training provided seriously. From the training, you perform. You want to make sure the employer knows no hand holding is required. Once released to perform, they can be confident in the fact that you will perform at the level required.
  4. "You should hire me because I posses the qualifications required plus thousands more." Outline all qualifications you possess plus give them a brief demonstration of the others. Give them details. For example, if the job you applied for is in the medical field, provide experience you have acquired that will satisfy the requirements plus any additional accomplishments not outlined in the application. Sometimes your application has been reviewed, but has not been read in detail. When asked this question, its time for you to expound on the many accomplishments setting you apart from  others. Make sure you highlight your education, skills and accomplishments that make you the number one candidate for the position.

Remember, if you are not already guaranteed the position, or if you do not have an ace in the company, you have to outshine, outclass and set yourself far above the others to get the job. It's all about selling yourself.

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