Why We Crave Horror Movies

Ever wonder why we crave horror movies? Is it the excitement of not knowing what is coming around the next corner, the shriek of the violin as it brings intense moments to life or are we just sick in the heads? Horror movies bring us to worlds that only few have suffered through and many are thankful not to be in their situations. Why do we put ourselves in these situations of wanting more horror in our lives when life is frightening itself? We crave horror movies because it is something that opens up that dark part of our mind and welcomes in the feeling of being scared.

Adrenaline Rush Horror moves give us an adrenaline rush in ways that we could never feel otherwise, unless you do find yourself running from a psycho with a knife. The idea of someone wanting to kill you in horrifying ways does not occur to you everyday, so why not let the silver screen provide that thrill. Placing situations of maddening fright into your life can make one feel alive. The rush that a horror movie provides to the general audience gives us a taste of an aspect in life that we often never feel. The feeling of sheer fright. And the best thing about this kind of fright is that it's not real. We get all the excitement and none of the consequences…like being attacked by zombies.

Fascinated By the Unknown Let's face it, the unknown is fascinating because its inexplicable. In the real world, most don't encounter ghosts and psycho killers on a daily. Watching the characters in horror movies try to survive gives us some insight into that struggle. What is unknown to us can make us scared the most and to feel scared is only human. Sometimes people love that excitement of the unknown, which makes us go see horror movies. 

Faux-Fear Horror movies are created for us to spark fear in our minds that no other experience would cause us. Horror movies crave our emotions as we crave horror movies. The success of films like "Paranormal Activity" proves that audiences will still willingly pay the $10+ for a ticket knowing that they're going to get sleep-with-the-lights-on scared. Fear doesn't seem to scare anyone off anymore.

We may all love horror movies for different reasons. The aspect of bringing terror to others can be fun when you are in groups. Horror movies in the dark, alone, with just a significant other can be great foreplay, too. (Wink)  Horror movies can create great atmospheres that can make us feel other emotions than just the feeling of being scared. Some of the best horror movies make us think and can prove to be more complex than just a psycho smashing someone's head into the ground with a hammer and a blow torch. We crave this feeling of horror to make ourselves feel alive and for that we thank the horror movie genre for bringing the emotion of pure terror whenever we want…without the real terror and real blood of course.

So sit down, turn the lights off, pop in your favorite horror movie and make yourself feel scared once more!

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