Why Women Cheat On Their Husbands

One of the biggest question in some mens' minds is why women cheat on their husbands. Husbands may not even know a spouse is cheating, contemplating cheating or is not happy in the relationship or marriage. Like the old saying goes, "The husband/wife is the last to know" holds true in this instance. Most wives who cheat are the ones condemning other women for doing the act. Unfortunately, once a woman cheats, she does it repeatedly thereafter. Research shows many reasons why women cheat on their husbands.

Lose interest- Many women who cheat on their husbands do because of the lost interest in the spouse. The excitement is gone and the women are looking for something more adventurous and less realistic. The women want to be center of attention and over the years, her husband may have lost that aspect of the marriage.

Attracted to another- Other women find a friend, co-worker or even a stranger attractive. Sexual attraction is a hard feeling to fight off. These women who cheat on their husbands do so for the pure sexual gratification. No connection or commitment is involved, only the knowledge of sexual release.

Developing anger- Women become resentful towards the spouse when she feels trapped and like she has settled within the relationship. This emotion is a strong emotion to hide. She becomes hostile towards her husband and turns to another for comfort, someone who understands her woes and is willing to accommodate her sexually and mentally.

Suspicion is absent- On the other end of the spectrum, husbands are normally unaware of her adultery or cheating because she is sometimes still sweet and the loving wife. This is to silently make up for her indiscretions. The husband believes married life is grand and all is perfect. Be leery of this attitude and display of affection.

Change in life- Many women cheat on their husbands when a certain age is reached. Many know this time as menopause. Just as men go through a change and want a sports car or are looking at younger women, wives also have different desires and views. The wife may want to experiment, sow her wild oats as it's known as. She'll be on the prowl for a younger man, a more adventurous man, or even someone to sooth her sexual needs–where her husband fails.

Bored with life- Finally, some women cheat on their husbands just for the simple fact of becoming bored with married life. If a couple has been married from a very young age, the couple may feel stagnant so the wife feels the need to see what else is available.

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