Why Women Hate Men

Why women hate men is a topic that is really hard to put a finger on it.  Several factors will play into this hate, but it's not necessarily women hating men at all times. Women hate men for different reasons but this may serve as some sort of way for people to have a clue as to what a woman feels about a man. This is in no way intended to be an article bashing men, but this is just a way to help people explore these reasons. 

  1. Some women might hate men because of the image in which they have portrayed them in the visual media and the print media. No woman wants to be constantly beat up or maligned for what an ideal woman should look like or be like. 
  2. Another reason that a woman might hate a man is if they are to involved in everything that they do and there is never any free time away from them. So this kind of man might be considered to be a bit of a stalker; therefore, making it impossible for the woman to feel safe when they are with them. 
  3. Women are constantly evolving and becoming more and more self sufficient; therefore, when they realized their rights as a woman changed, the way many women viewed their freedom from their traditional roles were in the past. 
  4. The abusive man is probably one of the main reason that women would hate men. Who wants to be engaged in constant arguments that might potentially lead to a verbal or a physical assault.  

These are just a few reasons why a woman would hate a man, but there honestly a lot more reasons as to why a woman would hate a man. A lot of these things could be simply opinion. Hopefully, this will serve as a way in which to figure out a way to interact and live with the opposite sex.  

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