Why Women Have Affairs

Many of the reasons why women have affairs are the same reasons that men have affairs. Men still cheat more than women do, but that gap has been closing. As more women gain economic independence by working outside of the home, they also are exposed to more opportunities to cheat. By understanding why women have affairs, you can possibly take steps to increase the chances that your partner will remain faithful. But, you should be aware that there is no way to fully “cheat proof” a relationship.

Women who are not sexually fulfilled may cheat. Sometimes, two people in a relationship have different sex drives. We usually think that men engage in affairs because of a more active interest in sex. But, women can also be the relationship partner that wants more sex. If her husband or boyfriend is unable or unwilling to satisfy her, a woman may well engage in affairs to get additional sex, even though she is satisfied with other aspects of her relationship.

Women like to be pursued. The courtship phase is often the most fun and exciting part of a relationship, full of romantic love and adventure. But, mature relationships just don't have the same thrill. In order to feel special, some women pursue affairs. These are women who are still “sowing wild oats” and who probably aren't ready for a committed relationship.

Revenge. Some women feel the need or desire to cheat on an unfaithful partner. When they discover their partner's infidelity, they have an affair to even up the score.

Women like to recapture fading youth. These women don't like seeing those first gray hairs, the first wrinkles, and the loss of firmness in their breasts. Having an affair makes them feel attractive to other men besides their partner. This situation is similar to the so-called “midlife crisis” in men.

Low self-esteem causes women to have affairs. Women who do not feel good about themselves or whose partners don't enhance their sense of self-worth will pursue an affair in order to feel special or wanted. An affair is a visible affirmation of their worth and value.

Women who do not receive the benefits of companionship will often cheat on their partners. Women expect their partners to communicate with them, to do things with them, and to show affection. In short, they expect attention. When they don't get it, they have affairs.

Women have jobs and their own money now. Let's face it, it takes money to carry on an affair. When women stayed at home, and men earned the money, it was harder for the average woman to engage in an affair. But now that many women work and control their own money, they have the resources to have affairs. Many women also hold jobs that require them to travel or work long hours, often with their male peers. It's situations like these that provide the impetus for affairs to start. A woman out of town with her male colleagues may have a fling with a coworker, which sometimes leads to a full-blown affair.

Loneliness. When her man is away for an extended work assignment or on a military deployment, it's not uncommon for a woman to have an affair for the duration of the absence.

Boredom. Some women simply get bored in a relationship. Affairs by nature are exciting.

Attraction. Some women engage in affairs because they find their paramour more attractive than their partner. Her partner may have the money, but her lover has sex appeal. Studies indicate that this type of affair is more often initiated around the time that women ovulate.

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