Why Women Leave Men

The reasons why women leave men are as plentiful as the grains of sand in the sea. Humans are a curious species and our unpredictable nature is well documented. Why we do anything is actually a very good question. Why did your woman leave you? To try and figure that one out, start at home. Start with you.


  1. Attraction. Attraction is not overrated, especially in long term relationships. You must always be desirable to your woman or what is the point? But this is not just a physical thing you can solve with trips to the gym. Brains, excitement and most often, your deeds and accomplishments are what make you attractive. If you no longer care about yourself and are on a slippery slope into depression, why should anyone else care?
  2. Growth. Another reason why women leave men is lack of growth. You can be charming in college with blue hair and your lame band, and she will love you. But while you dream rock star dreams, she is finishing up her degree and talking about the future. She is doing what all animals do. She is preparing her nest. Maybe it is to share with you, maybe it is for the future but she is looking forward. If you stagnate, get on the seven year art degree program and lay on her couch eating her food…she will start to notice there are many different males in society. Some even have jobs, careers and futures.
  3. Weakness. There are many reasons why women leave men but one that surprises men is their weakness. They thought being submissive or acting super attentive is good. It is not. If both of you already know she has you by the balls yet you are constantly fetching things and trying to keep her impressed, she will probably leave you. Sorry. While your heart is in the right place, no one likes a sissy.
  4. Race. Some relationships are so screwed up, everyone can see it. Your friends, her friends, parents, the barista. People stay in bad relationships because they do not know what else to do and they get used to the status quo. This is a dangerous place to be in. Relationships like this are almost like races to see who can find another pair of arms to leap into first. Unless you are a millionaire or famous, most likely the woman will win.
  5. No longer friends. Men get buried in their lifestyles of work or goals and forget to pay attention to the most important person in their life. Bored relationships are doomed. These women leave men when they find emotional support elsewhere. If the men are lucky, it is through her friends and she just dumps you. If things are truly screwed, she will send you an email and leave you for another man simply because he is paying attention to her. So look up from your computer every now and then. Your happiness may depend on it.
  6. Cheating. This is easily the top reason why women leave men. Even if you think you have patched things up, bought her some trinkets, begged forgiveness, taken her to Europe to help her forget about your Vegas indiscretion…she will never forget. She might for a while but infidelity is a wound that never heals. Trust is sacred in long term relationships, and you have clearly proven you cannot be trusted. Can you be forgiven? Maybe. Depends on the woman but she will always remember and this will always be an issue.
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