Why Women Reject Men

Trying to pick up pretty women is a natural habit for most guys but getting turn down left and right leaves you wondering why women reject men. There are hundred reasons why different women may not give a man a time of day. Only a handful is within this article for all those men who want to get into the minds of women.

  1. No attraction. Just like men, women instantly know if they are attracted to a guy and physical looks is a deciding factor why women reject men. While women do look at personality more so than men do, it is only human nature to like a man with good looks and a great body opposed to someone with a beer gut or an ugly guy trying his best to strike up a conversation. Since not every man can look like Usher or James Franco, try your best to look presentable and be an interesting person.
  2. Complete jackass. Confident guys rule but cocky, overbearing ones are annoying and it is actually a great thing when a women rejects one of these and deflates his ego. Women with self-respect will not go for jackasses who think the world revolves around them. These types continue to be alone and mask their insecurity with fake extreme confidence. If you are a jerk, tone down the attitude and you will get welcoming responses from women who prefer guys who stay down to Earth.
  3. She is taken. This is self-explanatory as why some men rejected by women. A good woman with morals and loyalty will not jeopardize her relationship just to take your number and date you, so if you find a woman who is not interested back off. If you ask to be friends with her, you will make the situation even worse and she will see you as desperate, manipulative, or both since she is well aware you want to be her “friend” just to get into her pants. Find a available woman and you will have less worry.
  4. Bad approach. It is one thing to compliment a woman on her looks in a respectful way but approaching her in a bad way signals rejection without opening your mouth. Pickup lines do not work on most women, as it is lame and usually used on every attractive woman a man sees. Cat calling, hissing, and any other strange animal noises are very annoying and make a woman uncomfortable. Either talk to a woman like a mature man or get rejected like an immature teenager.
  5. You look broke. This harsh truth some men hate to face but if you look homely, she will probably think numerous dates at McDonalds is the only thing you can afford. This also leads her to believe you have no car, live in a shabby apartment, and then the big question pops up in her mind, "if we enter a long-term relationship, will we struggle if we get married?” While today’s women are financially independent, a man financial stability is still important to most women. If you dress sloppy with unkempt hair or worse, bad odor, do not be surprise if she shoos you away. Although looks can be deceiving, try your best to look presentable without breaking the bank.
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