Widgets For Websites

These widgets for websites can all make your webpage more dynamic and interesting. Over time, they may also help you get more hits. You are sure to find a great widget that suites your particular webpage from this list.

  1. Yoga poses: This is a great widget for websites that you can add to any health/exercise webpage. It has a variety of yoga poses with instructions to give your site viewers an interactive exercise challenge. It's a great way to help your viewers stay flexible and healthy.
  2. Frogger: This makes a superb widget for websites to keep viewers excited and entertained. It's a fun online application of the original Sega video game. It's a classic video game that your viewers will love playing again on your site.
  3. BBC News: This is an excellent widget for websites that can keep your viewers informed and interested. It can be set to show anywhere from the top five to fifteen story links. It's a great widget for a sophisticated and perhaps political webpage.
  4. Google Directions: This widget for websites is a convenient application that would make a great addition to anyone's webpage. If you are looking to provide site visitors with detailed driving directions to your store/office, then this widget can make that easy for you. It is a great widget you'll definitely want to consider adding to your page.
  5. Deepak Chopra wisdom quotes: Deepak Chopra is known for his wise and inspiring words. Therefore, this widget for websites can help share the inspiration to those who visit your site. It's particularly great if you have a new age or spiritual website.
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