Wii Bowling Cheats

If you own a Nintendo Wii, you are most likely familiar with the bowling game in Wii Sports, but you may not know that there are Wii Bowling cheats and codes. Wii Sports is one of the best and most memorable pack-in games to be included with any game system in recent memory, and the Wii Bowling game in particular has proven to be a fun and accessible party game for beginners and veteran gamers alike. The admittedly few Wii Bowling cheats and Easter eggs won't exactly change the way you play it forever, but they are fun little tricks for a fun little game.

For the most part, the changes made by these Wii Bowling cheats and codes are cosmetic. Most of them will give you a different-colored bowling ball in case you're tired of using the default solid blue-green bowling ball that all the Miis seem to have in the beginning. The most obvious (and rewarding) way to get a new bowling ball is to work your way up to “Pro” status in Wii Bowling. This is by no means an instant change (it takes time to get good enough to be called a professional bowler, even in a video game), but spending enough time to get a good average and being rewarded with a sparkly new bowling ball is a lot more satisfying than simply pressing a button for a cosmetic change. If you don't feel like working your way up to the “Pro” status but you want to play with another bowling ball anyway, there are ways to do just that. When the game gives you the “Make sure nothing is around you” warning before the game starts, hold “A” on the Wii-mote along with a direction on the control pad.

  1. For a blue ball, hold “Up.”

  2. For a red ball, hold “Left.”

  3. For a green ball, hold “Down.”

  4. For a yellow ball, hold “Right.”

This trick also works with the Wii Sports Resort version of Wii Bowling, except holding “Right” will give you a golden bowling ball instead of a yellow one. Another fun Wii Bowling cheat that can be done during the “Power Throws” training game involves hitting the red buttons that can be seen at the far end of the lane. There is one button at the far left of the lane, and one on the far right. Hitting either of these will give you an instant strike, even when you have 91 pins to knock down. It takes some skill to do this (probably moreso than throwing a strike the old-fashioned way), but it's a neat cheat that will guarantee you a strike.  It's considerably more useful than most other Wii Bowling cheats.  In fact, it's probably the only one that most gamers can legitimately call a Wii Bowling cheat.

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