Wii Fit Cheats

Knowing the best "Wii Fit" cheats is the only way to get the most out of the game. While they’re called cheats, most of the time these extra features and bonuses are actually a part of the game programmed intentionally. Game programmers know that folks like you will enjoy the hunt for the hidden areas and cheats that you have heard about. So, to get back in shape as quickly and enjoyably as possible, check out these "Wii Fit" cheats and get in the game.

  1. Easy Coins If you’re in need of more coins for your "Wii Fit" game, head to Marble Drop in the Balance Mode Games section. Intentionally lose the game on your first challenge. In Marble Drop, you get one coin per minute you play. The minutes are rounded up so even if you fail on purpose, you’ll still get one coin for just playing.
  2. Free Jogging If you’re looking for more interesting jogging routes, you just need to overtake your jogging guide at the right moment. When you see a dog race past you, speed up and pass your guide. You’ll get an error message that will tell you to follow the dog.
  3. Mountain Jumping This cheat involves the same sort of actions as the previous cheat, but it will let you leap off of a mountain! Navigate to the Island’s distance running game. Start running. Once you see a dog, pass your guide and wait for the message that tells you to follow the dog.
  4. Press Up Challenge In "Wii Fit", there are several opportunities to compete in advanced challenges once you have reached a certain level in the regular game. If you want to amp up your press up work out, get four stars on six reps as well as ten reps. This will automatically unlock the Press Up Challenge.
  5. Jackknife Challenge To get to the Jackknife Challenge, get four stars in both the ten-second workout and the twenty-second workout.
  6. Parallel Stretch Challenge Just like with the Press Up Challenge and the Jackknife Challenge, you can unlock the Parallel Stretch Challenge by achieving four stars in the thirty-second and sixty-second workouts.
  7. The Ultimate Balance Test When you’re on the statistics screen, click on the character pictured in the background. Clicking him will enter you in the Ultimate Balance Test.
  8. Piggybank Upgrades Did you know that you can earn the ability to change the colors of your "Wii Fit" piggybank? Change your piggy to bronze by reaching ten hours, silver at twenty hours and gold at forty hours.
  9. Stamp CollectingIf you’re in search of all "Wii Fit’s" stamps, here’s the lowdown. Attend two Body tests to get the OK stamp, five for the star, six for the heart, ten for the flower, and fourteen for the smiley face stamp. The most coveted stamp is the Mii and you’ll get once you have completed thirty Body Tests.
  10. Weighing This last tip is to help you around the house instead of in "Wii Fit" games. If you want to know the weight of something, hold it in your hands while you stand on the Balance Board after taking the first Body Test. The Balance Board can tell you are holding something and will give you the exact weight of the object.
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