Wii Games For Toddlers

Sick of toddler-sitting? Wii games for toddlers to the rescue. Some of these games are of interest to toddlers through adults and some are geared specifically toward toddlers. All of these Wii games can be performed by young children with the limited motor skills of toddlers.

  1. Mario Kart is a driving game that allows toddlers to compete with other players or with the computer. The simple movements needed to turn a Wii steering wheel are enough to keep a toddler moving through this game. Toddlers can't "die" in this game. If they fall off a cliff or into the ocean, the game puts them back in the right place. With a past pace and plenty of movement, Mario Kart keeps kids of every age enthralled.
  2. Just Dance Kids is a simple game that requires nothing more than dancing. Unlike many Wii games for toddlers, it involves a lot of physical activity. It's a great way to get them tired. Players simply hold the Wiimote and dance just like the dancer on the screen. Easy enough for a toddler to understand.
  3. Carnival Games is a series of simple games that toddlers can do alongside their other family members. Wii games like throwing a ball at a stack of milk cartons and spinning a bowling ball are simple physical tasks that take practice to perfect, but no one has to be perfect. There is no dying in these games, and all of them are short enough to keep a toddler's interest.
  4. Wii Sports is guaranteed keep those little monsters interested. Wii tennis and bowling give toddlers fun and easy movements to practice. Like the other games mentioned, players can't die. No death = toddler-friendly gaming.
  5. Kirby's Epic Yarn is a sweet game that features Kirby wandering around in a world made of yarn, thread and fabric. When Kirby gets into trouble, he is brought back by the game and placed into the right place. The backgrounds are colorful and the textures are interesting and realistic. The pace of the game is slow and there is no time limit on this Wii game.
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