Wii Remote Troubleshooting

Wii remote troubleshooting is a relatively easy process. There are not a lot of wires to the remote itself, although the sensor bar and the nunchuk have wires of their own. A few simple steps can correct most problems a user of Nintendo motion sensitive console will have with the product.

  1. Change your position so the Wiimote can connect to the sensor bar. Most Wiimote issues occur because of improper alignment. If a player is aligned with the system properly, his should check the sensor bar for obstructions next. If the path between the sensor bar and the Wiimote is obstructed, move the censor bar.
  2. Check to make sure the nunchuck is connected to the WiiMote correctly. Not every Wii game requires a Nunchuk, but if they do, they will let you know about it. If the nunchuk is incorrectly connected to the Wiimote, the game will display a message on the screen. Plug the nunchuk into the remote firmly. If that does not work, check the Nunchuk wire. The point of troubleshooting is to identify the problem. You can fix the wire later if you are inclined to do so.
  3. Replace the batteries. The batteries in a Wiimote can last a long time, even if they are not rechargeable. Even though they last for a long time, they do not last forever. Even the highest quality battery will run out of juice. When this happens replace the batteries.
  4. Reset the Wiimote. Occasionally the Wii will lose data about which remote belongs to which player. Open up the front panel on the Wii and open the battery panel on the Wiimote. Press the red button on the Wii panel and then press the button on the red button in the remote battery compartment. Wait a few seconds. This troubleshooting step should resolve most issues.
  5. Sticking Buttons. Console buttons wear out over time. After heavy use the Wii buttons may stick. If this occurs, the best course of action is to take apart the Wiimote and clean ithe device with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry thoroughly. If you are not electronically inclined, you may decide to replace the Wiimote instead.
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