Wii Repair Tools

If your Wii is giving you trouble and you have a bit of technical know how, you may want to invest in some Wii repair tools. The tools you need are available from respected sellers like those on  Amazon, and even produced by Nintendo. It is often cheaper to go with an off brand, when available, but it depends on what you are looking to spend. Some tools are for quick fixes while others are for advanced users only.  Before you do any tinkering though, it's a good idea to find out how much it will cost to get your Wii fixed professionally. Otherwise you may not end up saving as much as you think.

  1. Wii Lens Cleaning Kit. This Wii repair tool, made by Nintendo, will run you about 35 dollars. There are off-brands available, but they are poorly reviewed. This is the most "novice" of the Wii repair tools as it doesn't involve opening up the machine. A chemical coated disk is inserted in front of the machine. So if you follow instructions, you may be able to improve the functioning of your Wii by removing dirt and debris.
  2. Tri-wing Screwdriver. If your repair job only requires that you open the case to your Wii, you can get by with this screwdriver alone. This Wii repair tool will set you back as little as a couple of bucks.
  3. Mini-Screwdriver. If you need to dig deeper you will need to have a mini screwdriver in your Wii repair tool arsenal. Since you will have to remove the case first, your best be is probably the eight dollar Wii repair kit which includes both the tri-wing and the mini screwdrivers along with some very helpful screws, pads and stickers.
  4. Six piece screwdriver set. For the technologically advanced, or the brave and fool hearty, you can dig even deeper with a 6 piece screwdriver set. This group of Wii repair tools  includes the 2 screwdrivers above along with 3 hex-nut screwdrivers, and one for removing the star-shaped screws. There are many sets available, some with even more screwdrivers or interchangeable heads, but a good basic set will run you about fifteen dollars.
  5. Parts. While they aren't exactly Wii repair "tools",  if you know your problem and know what you are doing you can also buy replacement parts online. From laser lenses to new DVD drives you can find just about any part you need. Prices vary per part.

So with a little know, or a lot, you may find that a good set of Wii repair tools will get your Wii up and running without professional help. Just keep in mind that, while returning your Wii to the manufacturer for repair  may cost quite a bit, it's still cheaper than replacing your Wii or rebuilding it piece by piece. But for you brave do-it-yourselfers, a Wii repair tool set may be just the ticket. Game on!

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