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Released for Nintendo's Wii gaming console in 2009, "Wii Resort," also known as "Wii Sports Resort," is the sequel to the original "Wii Sports." Now set on the European-flavored Wuhu Island, "Wii Resort" increased the number of sports selections while updating a few games from the original. Out of the twelve sports selections on "Wii Resort," here is a list of games that will keep players occupied for hours.

  1. Swordplay. There are three activities to this "Wii Resort" game. The first allows contestants to challenge the computer or other players to a sword duel. Best two out of three knockdowns off the dueling platform wins the challenge. In Speed Slice, two competitors slice giant pencils, marshmallows and oranges as fast as they can in order to win. Showdown, has players racing across Wuhu Island to knock down as many sword-wielding opponents as possible.
  2. Wakeboarding. "Wii Resort" competitors take a tour of Wuhu Island by a wakeboard attached to a speedboat. The goal is to make as many jumps out of the water as possible in order to gain points. The higher the jump and the more twists and turns the computer-generated avatar does, the greater the point totals. The caveat: the wakeboard must land on the water, not in it, for the points to accumulate. As players reach the intermediate and expert levels of wakeboarding, obstacles will appear in the water in an attempt to slow players down.
  3. Basketball. The two activities in this "Wii Resort" challenge not only test coordination but provide some healthy cardiovascular activity. The first asks players to make as many three-point shots as possible, from different angles, into a number of baskets. The second challenge pits players against the computer or each other in a pick-up game. The goal: knock down as many of their shots while avoiding their blocks to hit the basket.
  4. Archery. Skill and accuracy is the key to this challenge. Using both the Wii remote and nunchuck, players compete against each other or the computer to hit the bullseye as many times as they can. In each round the target is placed further away from the archer, making it tougher to hit any part of the target. Too high or too low, and arrows may hit nothing but air.
  5. Air Sports. The three games in this "Wii Resort" sport all take place above Wuhu Island. In skydiving, players try to hook up to as many other skydivers as possible while floating down to the ground. The more links, the higher the points. Smiling for the camera on the way down gets players an even bigger score. Island Flyover lets the player soar through the air in a prop plane while hitting targets of the island's various landmarks, with the hardest ones to obtain being those closest to the ground. The last game, Dogfight, allows players to challenge the computer or each other to an harmless aerial duel above Wuhu.
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