Wii Table Tennis Tips

If you are a fan of the Wii Table Tennis and looking for some  Wii Table Tennis tips you've come to the right place. Table tennis on the Wii is a fun competitive game that can be addictive and provide hours of fun simply by hitting the ball back and forth. The Wii Table Tennis game is played up to six points, and every two points you switch off serves. It's easy to score points as well as lose points, depending upon how the ball is hit throughout the match. Using these Wii Table Tennis tips will help you to be able to win more games.

  1. Smashing the ball to your opponent. When a high bouncing ball comes to you, to smash the ball, hit this ball at the very top of its bounce. This Wii Table Tennis tip can make it a very difficult for your opponent to return the ball.
  2. Don't burn energy swinging the remote to hard. This game is not measured on how hard you swing the remote to hit the ball, it's all about having the right technique.
  3. Spinning the ball. The spin of a ball is all done by a gentle twist of the wrist. Changing the degree of the spin is done with the slightest twist of the wrist, as well as the right timing. This Wii Table Tennis tip can take a little practice, but it will be well worth your time.
  4. When on the receiving end always have your remote in a central position. Having your on screen racket centered, will always keep you ready to return the ball. Don't anticipate which side the ball may go to, just always be ready to return the ball. This will keep you from having to switch sides at the last second, and possible hitting the ball in a random direction.
  5. Take your time. Don't rush trying to win. Slowing down the game and taking your time will give you a better opportunity to know when to strike. This is a great Wii Table Tennis tip to use to help you get a better idea of your opponents game and to know when to take your best shots to possibly win the game.
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