Win 9 Ball Pool Games

Have you ever wanted to not only play, but win 9 ball pool games? Pool is a challenging game that challenges not only your physical ability, but your spacial reasoning and mental toughness. It is a game of ups and downs, as well as constant turns of the tide. The following may not transform you into the next Minnesota Fats, but it will guide you in some not so obvious keys that come into play during 9 ball tournaments.

  1. Know the Rules and Have a Plan! As someone competing in a 9 ball tournament, you can conquer your opponent by knocking in the 9 ball, as well as your opponent being disqualified via an assortment of ways. Practice and preparation are the keys to win 9 ball pool games, so getting rest the night before the tournaments, as well as practicing each shot, from the break, to the bank, to everything in between are crucial.
  2. Decide on a Breaking Style. If you are playing a player better than you, be aggressive and break for power. Remember that in 9 ball pool games it is an automatic winner if you sink the 9 ball in on the break. If you are playing a playing similar to you in terms of ability, a conservative break might be more advantageous. If you choose the power break, be sure to follow thru with the entire body, not just the upper body, to maximize power.
  3. Stay Focused. Don’t get to high with the highs, or to low with the lows. If the ball is rolling your way, take advantage and drive your opponent into the ground mentally by running the table. Never feel sorry for an opponent! Conversely, if you are not getting the breaks, you might be able to get into your opponents head by not showing any signs of anxiety related to how the game situation is going. Once you get on a roll in the game, the tide will turn because your opponent knows that he or she could not beat you mentally when he was getting the breaks, now he has no chance as you are now going to finish the game like the champion you are. You see, to win at 9 ball pool games you must be very tough mentally.
  4. Visualize Success!  Former NBA coach Phil Jackson has the concept of visualizing “the moment” better than anyone in sports. He imparts the idea of closing your eyes and actually foreshadowing success. As a 9 ball pool player, you should do the same. The night before a match, turn off the lights and visualize yourself sinking the winning shot. Simulate success in all phases of the game such as the perfect power or finesse break, the ideal bank shot, etc.
  5. Learn Your Opponents.  Watch other opponents play! When you are not involved in a match, meander through the hall and watch other players matches. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? Learning the habits of each player you may face is also crucial to win 9 ball pool games.

Be a consistent 9 ball pool player is not as easy as showing up at the pool hall and sinking pockets. It is as much or more a mental game than anything else. Utilizing the above techniques and mental approaches to the game will be crucial to this consistency and helping you as a pool shark to win 9 ball pool games.

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