Wind Generators For Home Use

What are some wind generators for home use? Wind generators are basically windmills which generate electricity. They are a nice way to offset the high costs of energy, and excess electricity can be sold back to the power company, but they are not without their own downsides. They are a bit expensive to setup and maintain, they require an average minimum wind speed depending upon company and model, and when hooked up on the grid in accordance with IEEE and UL regulations shut down in a power failure to protect working crews. This means for the average homeowner they are not an alternative power source for blackouts. There are models available with batteries they charge for use during power outages, but those units can either be more expensive, or not as large to generate the maximum electricity for daily use. There are also wind generators which are designed specifically to charge small batteries for emergency use only. Naturally the room required for the units with battery backups is greater than for the units without it. This article will show a few alternatives when considering wind generators for home use without the optional battery systems, but that are capable of providing reasonable electricity for the home.

Wind generators for home use include:

  1. Skystream 3.7 – The Skystream 3.7 will generate 400 kWh/per month, based upon an average wind speed of twelve miles per hour. It needs an eight mph wind to start working and will survive winds up to 140 miles per hour. It weighs in at 205 lbs. It has a rotor diameter length of twelve feet and will sweep an arc of 115.7 feet and can be placed on varying height towers. The Skystream comes complete with special monitoring software so that the user can monitor the performance of their home wind generator. Prices are approximately, depending upon specific dealer, $6200 for the wind generator, $4500 for a 45 foot tower, and then there are various hardware, setup, and installation fees including electrician fees which can add several thousand dollars in additional costs. Looking on their website will provide you with a list of Skystream dealers.
  2. Bergy 10kW GridTec System – This wind generator provides 600 to 2000 kWh per month depending upon wind speed. It cuts in at a five mph wind speed, and will survive winds up to 134 mph. It has three blades with a rotor diameter of seven feet. The base price for the wind generator is approx. $31,000, and a 100 foot tower costs $14,000. Other costs including wiring, setup, and other options can range from and additional $7000 to $16,000. And these can be purchased directly from Lowes and other retailers.

These are two of the better wind generators for homes. They are not cheap, but they are quality products which will last for years with some proper maintenance. Both companies have other products with other options and packages. They also have packages which will use separate battery electricity storage for backup use during power outages. Wind generators for the home are not cheap, as can be seen, but they are a viable option for those who live in areas which get the average wind required to run them on a day in and day out basis. And in this day of skyrocketing energy prices, who doesn’t want to save on energy costs, wind generators for the home, can help.

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