Windows 7 Minimum Requirements

Are you looking for the Windows 7 minimum requirements? Windows 7 is the newest operating system from Microsoft, which  was released in October 2009. The operating system has since become a popular favorite for both individuals and businesses, showing that an OS can not only be stylish but a powerhouse in terms of computer processing, as well as the upgrades that Microsoft has done to integrate their products with this new OS. The Windows 7 minimum requirements allow for slightly older machines to run it, however newer computers will of course already have the operating system running on it. These requirements are:

  1. A 1 GHz computer processor for either 32 or 64-bit versions. This is the speed of the computer processor and the faster the better as it means being able to load more programs and run them.
  2. 1GB of RAM for 32-bit computers/2GB for 64-bit. This is the amount of memory of your computer, which goes along with the processor in terms of how many programs you can load and run.
  3. 16GB of hard drive space for 32-bit computers/20GB for 64-bit. This is how much space you have on your hard drive. This can fill up as you install programs, music, pictures and videos.
  4. DirectX 9 video capable card. This is your video card. The better the card, the better graphics you'll have.

These are the Windows 7 minimum requirements, however getting the recommended requirements for the operating system is always better because of the requirements regarding other software programs and video games. Video games especially may require that video cards are capable of running DirectX 10, while some programs will need to reside on a bigger hard drive, with faster processor speeds.

Knowing the Windows 7 minimum requirements may help you discover what your own computer is capable of, however it can also be used to test drive the operating system itself, depending on the version that you choose. This can let users try out Windows 7 to see if it is an OS that will work for them, as well as telling them whether they have the Windows 7 minimum requirements.

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