Windows 7 Professional Vs Ultimate

Anyone interested in upgrading to Windows 7 will want to know how the top-dog versions compare against eachother, which in this case is Windows 7 Professional vs. Ultimate. Both versions of Windows 7 have slight differences, but it is up to you to decide if its worth dropping a few extra bucks. Be it Professional or Ultimate, Windows 7 is a great product that any computer afficianado should look into.

Windows 7 Professional is the "cheapest" version of Windows 7 besides the Home edition. Cheap is in quotations because it is still a ridiculous price, clocking in at around $265 for the full version. Professional is definately a solid edition of Windows 7, featuring a few more bells and whistles than the bare bones version. Professional features Windows XP emulation mode, which allows you to run a version of Windows XP for programs that are not compatible with Windows 7. Professional also features an easy business networking solution with domain join, which allows easy access to any business related network. Professional also lets you backup and restore these networks easily, as well as any other information on your computer.

Windows 7 Ultimate is the more mature version of Windows, featuring a few more additions for a minor price jump. The full install version of Windows 7 Ultimate ends up being around $275. Ultimate features every feature that professional does. The big difference with Ultimate is the two additional options: Bitlocker and language packs. Bitlocker is a driver encryption program that encrypts anything saved to the drive that Bitlocker is active on. This is pretty much a last line of defense for stolen data and may be useful to some. Windows 7 Ultimate also features the ability to use 35 different languages. This is great for those who prefer reading in different languages.

When it comes to Windows 7 Professional vs. Ultimate, both work extremely well. Professional is cheaper, but Ultimate features a few more additions that might be useful. If you think Bitlocker and extra languages will be useful to you, it would be worth picking up Ultimate, seeing as how it is only $10 more than Professional.

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