Wine And Cheese Pairings

Wine and cheese pairings go well together at a party or a late night weekend snack. Certain wines go well with certain cheeses because there are so many different kinds. It is important when entertaining at home or just with family to know some of the basic tips of wine and cheese pairing. Some general rules are white wines go well with soft cheeses and those with strong flavor. Red wine goes well with hard cheese and mild flavor. Sweet wines work well with many different type of cheeses.

  1. Goat's cheese.  Most cheese made with goat's milk goes well with dry white wines. Some of the types to serve are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. At times medium red wines go well with this type of cheese. Often, dry champagne is a good match with goat cheese like chevre.
  2. Sheep's milk cheese. Most white wines go well with sheep's milk cheese. Light red wine to full bodied red often complement this type of cheese. Feta cheese goes well with Beaujolais wine. Some sweet wines are acceptable but dry usually tastes better.
  3. Triple Cream Cheeses. These cheeses have a high fat content. Often sparkling wines or dry red like Pinot Noir go well with these cheese. White wines like Riesling and Pinot Blanc can be served too. Boursin cheese goes well with most German wines.
  4. Rind cheese like Brie and Camembert.  Serve red wine with this cheeses and remove the rind. Wash rind cheeses like Munster go well with red and white wines.Brie goes well with champagne and sherry too.
  5. Firmer cow cheeses like cheddar. These cheeses go well with white wines like Riesling and red like pinot noir. Mild cheddar goes well with dry white wine and champagne. Strong cheddar can be matched with wines like Cabernet. Rojas, and Sauvignon Blanc. Sweet wines go well with cheddar cheeses too.
  6. Blue Cheeses. Blue Cheese like Roquefort and Stilton go with sweet dessert wine like port. Other wines that work well are Madeira wine or sherry. There are many fruity sweet wine made from different berries.
  7. Pair wine and cheese from same regions. If you buy a cheese from a region in New York, pairing it with a wine made in same regions is often a good choice.
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