Winter Olympics Locations

If you are interested in the history of the winter Olympics, you should know some of the most famous winter Olympics locations. The cities that have hosted the games usually have to have a very low temperature to accommodate the winter Olympics because many of the games involve snow and ice.

  1. Charmonix, France The very first winter Olympics were held at the base of Mount Blanc in Charmonix. These games consisted of ten days of events that included speed skating, ice hockey and figure skating. This would also be the beginning to the domination of the ice hockey games by the Canadian hockey team that would involve the country winning six of the first seven gold medals.
  2. Lake Placid, USA In 1932, the Winter Olympics came to the United States for the first and last time until 1960. The games included all of the old favorites including figure skating, speed skating and curling. It also involved the relatively new women’s speed skating.
  3. Sapporo, Japan Originally, the 1940 winter Olympics were to be held in Sapporo, Japan, but this was thrown to the wayside when Hitler popped up and World War II was in full throttle. Of course, Japan was with the bad guys so the ICO decided it best to try and move the winter Olympics. After a few failed attempts due to the war, the games were cancelled, along with the ’44 winter Olympics. Finally though, in 1972, Sapporo got another chance with the winter Olympics and they went down without a hitch.
  4. Salt Lake City, USA The most recent Olympics held in the US were in 2002 in Utah. The games were your average, without a hitch Olympic Games and as of now, the United States isn’t in any bid for new the Winter Olympics.
  5. Vancouver, Canada In 2010, the winter Olympic Games were held in Vancouver, Canada. These were the first games that Canada won a gold medal in their homeland in an official winter Olympic sport. Canada also broke the record for most gold medals at an Olympic games with fourteen.



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