Wisconsin Tourism Guide

Having a Wisconsin Tourism Guide in hand will make you get the best out of your trip. The postcard-pretty state of Wisconsin is home to brandy, microbrews, and cheese. Some may consider Wisconsin as the home of the bizarre. Jeffrey Dahmer used to reside here and selling yellow-tinted margarine used to land you in the slammer. Though some may consider Wisconsin as a flyover state, the state has tons of bars and other fun places. Speaking of bars, in Wisconsin you can bring your children in there with you. So, if you want to hold Johnny's arm with your right hand and a milk stout with your left hand, feel free. Because of its location, Wisconsin is less prone to natural disasters. The state isn't located near any oceans or major fault lines. Wisconsin is located far up north, lessening the chances of tornadoes touching down. Wisconsin is in close proximity to Chicago and Canada. If you want to play some online poker-which is illegal in the States-Canada is only one daytrip away. Here are some recommended Wisconsin tourism destinations.

  1. Madison. Lodged between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, Madison is one of the few cultural hotspots located in the Midwest. If you're an intellectual, this part of Wisconsin tourism will not disappoint you. The city is home to many colleges, museums, and libraries. Also, the Onion's headquarters is located here. If you're a fan of home-delivered dairy products, contact LW Dairy. They'll bring milk to your doorstep, in a glass bottle. Then there's dairy you can purchase on the go. Stop by Dane County Farmers' Market to pick up a variety of gourmet cheeses.
  2. La Crosse. If you love to get your drink on while enjoying Wisconsin tourism, drown yourself with alcohol in the city's many bars and breweries. Don't leave La Crosse without touring Bodega Brew Pub Inc. Try one (or eight!) of the 450 different beers they serve. For the fans of the outdoors, take some pictures of the Mississippi River bluffs, they are gorgeous.
  3. Milwaukee. Home to many Germans, Milwaukee is a low-key town. The town is quite safe, you probably don't even have to lock your doors. If you like St. Louis-styled pizza, you'll love Milwaukee-styled pizza. Order a large thin-crust pizza at Zaffiro's. Chow on some brats at Usinger's, if you're less of a carb-loaded pizza fan and more of a meat fan. Architecture geeks should visit Milwaukee's city hall, it is unique in that some of the building is brick, instead of all sandstone.
  4. Green Bay. This is another great drinking town for Wisconsin tourism. Slam down a mug of Apricary Ale at Titletown Brewery, which is a quintessential Green Bay bar. Have a moment of silence at the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial, a monument shaped like the World Trade Center. It is located along the Fox River. And, of course, your trip to Green Bay would not be complete without visiting Lambeau Field. The seating in the stadium has a intimate feel, it is smaller but in a good way. It's pretty much impossible to find a bad seat.
  5. Door County. This eastern Wisconsin county is a peninsula that rests in Lake Michigan. Door County is loaded with state parks, beaches, lighthouses, and golf courses; making it a popular spot for Wisconsin tourism. Get your Montmorency cherry popped at one of the cherry orchards in Door County. Sail to Washington Island, and stay at the Washington Hotel. This bed and breakfast is in a class by itself, because it is also a culinary arts school. The establishment uses local agriculture.



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