Wiz Khalifa Tattoos

These Wiz Khalifa tattoos make him stand out as a rapper and entertainer. Each of his tattoos are beautifully rendered, making his body a collection of captivating images. If you are interested in inspiring a tattoo by a well-known celebrity, then you may want to look to Wiz for inspiration.

  1. Music Clef: This Wiz Khalifa tattoo is located on his neck. It is a large, prominently displayed music clef of about six inches in height. More specifically, it is a G-Clef. The music clef can either be a French violin clef or a treble clef, depending on its placement amonst music lines. However, Wiz's clef is placed ambiguously among music lines, making it unclear whether he intended it to be either French or treble. This tattoo shows Wiz's musical talent and passion for the music industry itself. It would be a great tattoo for anyone who is musically talented or simply passionate about music.
  2. 412: This is one of Wiz Khalifa's most prominent tattoos, located in large font on his chest. 412 is clearly a meaningful tattoo for Wiz, as it has a noticeable location and size. This Wiz Khalifa tattoo represents the phone area code for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you feel proud of a city you grew up in or spent a lot of time in, getting the area code or another symbolic image (i.e. map) is a great way of commemorating the city/region in a tattoo.
  3. Name: This Wiz Khalifa tattoo shows the rapper's respect and admiration for his changed name (from his former name of Cameron Thomaz). He got this tattoo when he was only 17, as a symbol of his name's dual meaning: Wiz representing his nickname as a successful individual, and Khalifa as the Arabic word for "leader." Tattooing a name or nickname can be a way in finding pride and strength in what the name represents. While Khalifa's tattoo is on his arm, there is no limit to how creative you can get with the placement and design of a name tattoo.
  4. "Amb": As a significantly personal and romantic symbol, this Wiz Khalifa tattoo lies on the rapper's hand, along his thumb. The tattoo represents his current love for model Amber Rose, with whom he is in a relationship. It is common to see individuals with names of their girlfriends, what is not common is to see the name etched on such a unique location. If you are interested in getting a tattoo of your girlfriend, make sure you feel the relationship will last as long as your tattoo: forever.
  5. Angel: On Wiz Khalifa's right shoulder lies an angel with wings. This Wiz Khalifa tattoo is in line with the many people who choose to get inspiration from religious images. An angel tattoo can represent protection, peace and faith – amongst many other meanings. If you are spiritual or religious-and seriously committed to your beliefs-then getting an image or wording to represent your beliefs may help you find strength in difficult situations.
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