Women Bodybuilders

Women bodybuilders began participating in bodybuilding competitions in the 1960s and the events were then known as bikini contests. Individuals familiar with the sport say the first championship was held in Canton, Ohio in 1978. Women bodybuilders often become authors, actors, and celebrities when their weightlifting careers end.

  1. Nikki Fuller. Nikki was born in Dayton, Ohio on January 23, 1968. She became a professional bodybuilder and won the Emerald Cup in 1988. Nikki is 5’9” tall and weights 185 pounds. She can bench press 315 pounds, which is more that what many men can lift. Ms. Fuller went on to start an acting career and has had parts in several movies. She was featured in the movie “Body of Evidence” and the television show “Ally McBeal.”
  2. Rachael McLish. Rachael was born in Harlingen, Texas on June 21, 1955. McLish won the Ms. Olympia competition in 1980 and 1982 and then became popular on television programs all over the world. McLish is in the IBFF Hall of Fame and has written there books and made debuts in few movies. Most notable, “Raven Hawk” and “Getting Physical.” Today, she is known as the First Lady of women’s bodybuilding and won the first IBFF championship.
  3. Linda Murray. Linda Murray was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 22, 1962. Murray became a professional bodybuilder in 1989 and developed the skills and abilities to win eight Ms. Olympia championship titles. She grabbed the attention of the media and has been featured in womens magazines and sports magazines such as Vanity Fair and Sports Illustrated. Linda stands 5’5” tall and has a big impact on women’s bodybuilding. Judges now base their scoring decisions partly on her physique.
  4. Corey Everson. Corey is also known as Corinna Knewer. Everson was born in Racine, Wisconsin on January 4, 1958. For six years straight, Corey won the Ms. Olympia contests from 1984 to 1989. Ms. Everson competed and finished in first place in eleven other bodybuilding contests. Cory played roles in several films and television network shows and produced an exercise show. She was in the film “Natural Born Killers” and hosted the show “Body Shaping.”
  5. Carla Dunlap. Carla was born on October 22, 1954 in Newark, New Jersey. She is 5’3” tall and weights 126 pounds. Dunlap earned a degree in Advertising and Designing and began her professional bodybuilding career in 1979 and won the IFBB Ms. Olympia championship in 1983. Carla played in a few movies about women’s bodybuilding and has covered commentary on the subject with NBC and ESPN. Carla was featured in the movie “Pumpin Iron II:The Women.
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