Women Wrestlers

When looking at women wrestlers, it is easy to see a bunch of women signed for their sex appeal, whether they could actually wrestle or not. In the old days, federations like GLOW made women’s wrestling a joke but, ever since the start of the sport, there have been some athletes who rose above and beyond the stereotypes of the genre. Yes, most women wrestlers are still simply eye candy, but these women prove that if you look hard enough, there are plenty of women who make the sport proud.

  1. Fabulous Moolah – Arguably the greatest women wrestler of all time is the Fabulous Moolah. Many younger fans only know her from the late years in the WWE when she came on for comedy relief, but Moolah enjoyed a long, successful career in the business. She held the Women’s Championship for almost 29 years and wrestled ion the WWF and NWA. Forget about her comedy era in the WWE where she was used for laughs because this woman was one of the greatest to ever wrestle.
  2. Chyna – One of the most controversial women wrestlers in the business is Chyna. While she started out her career as the bodyguard of Triple H, she went on to enjoy a successful career inside the ring as well. Unlike other wrestlers on this list, Chyna was rarely used against other women. Instead, she was pitted against men and actually holds wins over male superstars like Jeff Jarrett and Chris Jericho, holding the men’s Intercontinental title at one time. Recently she reappeared in TNA, a career that came to an end when she appeared in a porn movie for Vivid Films.
  3. Trish Stratus – When Trish Stratus entered the WWE, she was like many other women wrestlers over the years, a fitness model with little training. However, something happened along the way and she became the greatest female wrestler of the last decade. She won the WWE Women’s Championship on seven different occasions and retired at the top of her game. Recently, Stratus came back to the WWE as a trainer on the new reality series “Tough Enough.”
  4. Lita – Lita came into the WWE as a valet, escorting a Latino wrestler named Essa Rios to the ring. However, years later no one remembers Rios while Lita is thought of as one of the best women wrestlers of all time. Unlike other female stars, Lita was not about sex appeal, although she was very sexy. Instead, Lita went above and beyond the calling and performed high risk moves from the top turnbuckle that made her a great partner for the Hardy Boyz tag team. She finished her career as the valet for WWE superstar Edge before retiring to focus on her music career.
  5. Awesome Kong – It has been a long, strange journey for Awesome Kong in the ranks of the women wrestlers. She started out attempting to get on the WWE reality show Tough Enough but was rejected for being too fat. She went on to Japan and Europe where she trained and honed her skills before returning to the U.S. and becoming a star in TNA. She quickly became the most dominant woman in the sport, a giant monster who destroyed Divas and Knockouts easily, towering over all. She recently made it to the WWE but a pregnancy forced her to step out of the ring for the next year.
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