Woodsball Gear Essentials

Looking for woodsball gear essentials? Woodsball is a large change from the fast paced action of speedball that most new paintball players are used to and you will give yourself an advantage by learning the woodsball gear essentials before trying it out.  Unlike speedball, woodsball is more laid back and it puts a focus on tactics and precision. By equipping yourself with gear that is appropriate to those goals you can increase your chance of success in woodsball matches.

  1. The Proto Switch EL paintball mask is one of the most affordable options for woodsball, and one of the most reliable. It is offered in a camouflage color that will make blending in to your surroundings a breeze. It is a good idea to pick up the aftermarket thermal lens for it to keep it from fogging up while running out in the damp forest.
  2. The DYE I3 pro paintball thermal goggles are another good option for woodsball. They are much more expensive than the EL mask is, but they have a superior fog resistance than the other mask. It is important to note that there is no camouflage version of this mask available but there is a solid green and black one that will work well.
  3. The Reverse Olive Vforce Grill mask combines a green and black color scheme to make for a very functional facemask. This mask has a well built lens that offers superior peripheral vision and resists fogging all match long. Replacing your lens is quick and easy and this match is a great one for long term use.
  4. The Tippman 98 custom is one of the best woodsball guns on the market. Its ease of customization and durable build quality makes it a reliable gun that can be molded in to the instrument you need to win matches. It is an incredibly accurate gun which is good because you can’t fire off rounds really fast. You have to shoot for the kill with this gun and it has the hardware to do it.
  5. The BT4 Combat paintball marker is a very reliable gear option. It has been coated to increase durability and it will last even longer than the Tippman 98 custom. It is also important to note that this gun does not chop balls and rarely jams.
  6. The Tippman a5 is another great woodsball gear option. It has the durability and accuracy of the Tippman 98 custom, but you can fire this gun faster, making it better when encountering any close range combat. You will have to pay a little more for that faster rate of fire however.
  7. The UTG Paintball Scenario Vest is a great piece of equipment that will help carry all of those extra paintballs without sacrificing your position to the enemy. It is well made for long lasting use, and it has enough pockets to hold everything you could want to bring with you during a match, including a water bladder.
  8. The BT 68 CL Tank Cover is the perfect gear for those who like to attach their tank directly to their gun. This camouflage cover will protect the integrity of your tank while helping you remain hidden from the enemy. You will no longer have to pick a tank based on its appearance and you can focus on getting the best deal for your money.
  9. A basic hopper such as the Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper will work just fine for woodsball. Unlike in speedball you won’t need to fire hundreds of paintballs every minute of the game and that is why a gravity fed hopper should work just fine. One of the added bonuses is that you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries, and basic hoppers are less susceptible to damage than power fed models.
  10. A Pure Energy 20 oz CO2 tank will provide you with plenty of firepower throughout the match. CO2 is better for woodsball because it provides consistent power through longer matches.
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