Woodsball Paintball Strategies

If you are serious about becoming a better paintball player, you could benefit by learning some of the woodsball paintball strategies out there. By knowing a few paintball strategies, when you go out on to the field, you have a much better chance of success than you do otherwise would. Always remember that a team that works together will almost win against a team of players that are each trying to achieve something different.

  1. Plan your attack. As soon as you arrive at the new woodsball course you should be planning your strategy. Talk about where specific players are going to go along the course and work out your entire strategy in detail.
  2. Know your role. When working out paintball strategies it is important to play off of the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates. Fast small players should be playing at the front of the action, while the slower players with better aim should stay near the back of the course and pick players off. Figure out where everyone will perform the best and keep those positions as often as possible.
  3. Work out signals to communicate silently. It is important to keep communicating throughout the match, but you don’t want the other team to know what is going on. Develop a set of hand signals that will cover flanking and certain maneuvers. If you are going to charge you will want to make sure that your team is going to have your back the whole time.
  4. Remain hidden until you are certain you can make a kill shot. With any woodsball strategies you want to maintain your stealth until you can take out any players who will see you. Until you reveal yourself it will be very difficult for an enemy to pick you out. Let your enemy make the first move and you will often be rewarded with an easy kill while he wonders where you are.  
  5. Outsmart your opponents. If the other team is playing defensively like you, you may have to make the first move. Make your first approach intelligently, and work together with the rest of your team to distract the enemy from noticing teammates who are giving up their cover. Play with your head and always plan a move before making it.
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