Woodsball Tactics For Beginners

Woodsball tactics for beginners are very important for everybody because it helps the team and the new paintball player. Woodsball is a team paintball game that occurs in the woods with two or more opposing forces. Oftentimes, woodsball does not need as many bunkers or hideouts since the woods provides natural protection. Woodsball is a simple, slow game that can be played by anyone, but it is these tactics and additional tricks of the trade that help push a beginner into someone that rules the woods.

  1. Walk quietly. Walk where the ground is clear to avoid crunching leaves. This can give away your position and lead to certain demise for any beginner woodsball player.
  2. Walk smartly and often. Don’t stay in one position too long. It is an important beginner woodsball tip to move smartly. Move fast when it is easy to get from one location to another without making noise or when an opponent is far away. Move quietly when closer to an opponent or when trying to reduce walking noise or scope out the field and opponents.
  3. Dress appropriately. Dress to match the surroundings. If playing in a dense, green forest with lots of ferns and plants, it may be recommended to wear dark green  If playing in a corn field, it may be recommended to wear light green or a darker color. Wearing anything that doesn't stand out amongst surroundings is essential. Wear light running shoes to move quickly and quietly.
  4. Bring a scope or binocular. The best woodsball tactic is to be prepared for anything.
  5. Stay still. A lot of beginners in woodsball do not know the tactic to stay still and take it easy in the beginning. Most beginners get wiped out quickly by advancing too quickly. The key is to take your time and move forward slowly. This will lead to better surprise attacks and less of a chance of getting shot. Some players may stay in one defensive location the whole game. Some paintball players are able to climb trees and hide well out of reach (always verify the rules on this technique before beginning a woodsball game).
  6. Decoys are essential. Throw a branch or a rock in a completely different location in order to catch opponents off guard and spot them.
  7. Have hand signals. Every beginner woodsball player needs to know that communication on a paintball team is necessary. Woodsball is best played when there are hand signals to remain silent while also communicating and working as a team. 
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