Words With Friends Rules

Just as the gameplay of Words With Friends is similar to other popular crossword board games, the Words With Friends rules are very similar as well.  The twist of Words With Friends is that players can compete against one another from all around the world as the game is played on mobile phones.  Before embarking on the addictive gameplay, learning the Words With Friends rules is important for success.

  1. The first person to play must place their word over the center star. Just like other popular crossword games, the Words With Friends rules state that the first word played must be situated on the game board with one of the letters over the center star. No starting the game with a double word score!
  2. Players take turns forming words using one or more of their tiles and already placed tiles on the board. Once one word is placed, at least one letter of the existing word must be used in any new words placed.
  3. Words can only be placed horizontally or vertically. In the Words With Friends rules, only words placed horizontally and vertically, not diagonally, are permitted.  Additionally, each player can either form a new word horizontally or vertically, but not both, per turn.
  4. Only words declared valid by the game will be accepted.  Per the rules of Words With Friends, proper nouns, words that use a hyphen or apostrophe, abbreviations, prefixes or suffixes cannot be used.  Should a word be deemed unacceptable, the game will buzz to note the error.
  5. If more than one word is formed when new tiles are placed, all words must be valid. In instances where placing new tiles by neighboring tiles creates secondary words, each word must be valid.
  6. Scores are tallied by adding the points on each tile that comprises the new word placed. Should a word be placed over a DL (double letter), TL (triple letter), DW (double word) or TW (triple word) space, the scoring for that letter or word is doubled or tripled respectively. Similarly, any time special spaces are used to form other words later in the game, the double or triple values remain active.
  7. If a player uses all seven tiles in a single turn, an extra 35 points is awarded. While not common, this special bonus in the Words With Friends rules can be a big boost to the score.
  8. Games continue until all tiles are used. Players alternate turns until the entire pool of tiles is used. When one player uses their last tile, they take all the points of the tiles held by the opponent.
  9. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. While other crossword games can take an hour or so, the unique rules for Words With Friends allow games to go on for several weeks, so cherish your victories when they come.
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