Workplace Drug Testing Facts

Learn about workplace drug testing facts, so you will be informed the next time you are surprised with one. You may feel it’s a little intrusive to be required to provide a urine sample to test for drug consumption. Urine specimen are sent to a laboratory and examined for drugs. Once the evidence is shown negative or positive, the results are sent to your employer. Workplace drug testing is popping up on more and more jobs. If you are not required at this time to submit a drug test in your workplace you may be told to do so in the near future.

It’s not required by law for employees to give notice of drug test. Drug testing can be given at the discretion of the employer. Don’t expect you will have time to clean out your system before having to take a drug test for work. Although some employers who trust and have respect for his employees will inform his workers of a pending drug test, your boss is not required to do so.

You can be fired if the drug test comes back positive. If your drug test comes back positive, you could lose your job. An employer has the responsibility to create a safe working environment for his employees. If someone has drugs in his system, he poses a risk to the workers and customers. So, an employee has the right to relieve you of duties for that reason, even if you are a good and reliable worker.

A request for a drug test can be made when applying for job. Some prospective employers will request a drug test once you have been considered for the job. An employer may want to make sure you are honest, trustworthy and not on drugs before putting you on the payroll.

Loss of employment can occur if you refuse drug testing. You cannot be forced to take a drug test for your workplace. You have the right to refuse it, but if you do, your boss has the right to terminate your employment, effective immediately.

Drug testing can and has been observed by a second party. You will not be allowed to go off site and return with the urine sample in hand. You will be required to obtain urine sample in a private bathroom while an observer is outside the door or nearby. This is necessary to prevent any tampering with the urine specimen. 

These are the facts of what can, has or does happen when you take a drug test for your workplace. It’s best not to take part in using any illegal substance, if you want to keep your job.

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