World Of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Cheat Codes

“World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade” cheat codes are surprisingly easy to learn. This game, often referred as "TBC" or simply "BC," is the first expansion pack for the famous MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), “World of Warcraft.” In this expansion set, there are new quests, new playable races, a new planet to explore and new content to enjoy. While playing clean and fair is highly advisable, you can have some fun by trying some of these cheat codes out, so take a look at the following list and prepare to enjoy new and exciting hidden features in World of Warcraft.

Moonwalk. Press the Jump key to make a jump. In the middle of the jump, press the “E” key. While your character is going down, press keys “Q” and “A.”

General Commands. Take note that it’s possible to cycle between commands starting with the same letter by pressing the “Tab” key after you press the first letter of that command.

  1. /bind sees the location of the bind you currently belong to.
  2. /cast casts spells by typing their name. For example, you could type: “/cast Fireball.”
  3. /chat or /chathelp displays the commands available for chat.
  4. /follow or /f makes your character follow a certain player.
  5. /ghelp shows the available commands for your guild.
  6. /party or /p sends a written message to a member of your party.
  7. /r replies to the last player who sent a message to you.
  8. /say or /s sends a message to another player near you.
  9. /who sees which players are online.
  10. /yell or /y yells a message for the players around you.
  11. /em makes an emote.
  12. /played gets a summary of the total time you have played with a character.

Commands for the Chat Channel. “World of Warcraft” has a useful chat system that allows you to create custom chat rooms, protect them with passwords, create announcements, ban users and set moderators in your channel.

  1. /#, /c, or /csay writes something on the channel where # represents the channel’s name.
  2. /announcements or /ann activates or deactivates join or leave alerts on the channel.
  3. /afk or /dnd puts yourself on “away from keyboard” or “do not disturb” modes.
  4. /ban or /unban bans or un-bans a person from a chat channel.
  5. /chatlist, /chatwho or /chatinfo [channel] creates a list of all available channels or members inside of a channel.
  6. /cinvite or /chatinvite invites someone to the chat channel.
  7. /join, /channel or /chan joins a channel.
  8. /kick kicks someone so that he or she can't stay in the channel.
  9. /leave, /chatleave or /chatexit [channel] abandons a channel or every channel.
  10. /mod, /moderator, /unmod or /unmoderator modifies the moderator status of a certain player.
  11. /moderate activates control on a certain channel.
  12. /mute, /squelch, /unvoice, /unmute, /unsquelch or /voice alters a player's authorization.
  13. /password or /pass modifies the password.

Guild Commands. People in World of Warcraft can organize their guild and exchange information with these commands.

  1. /ghelp prepares an inventory of commands for guilds.
  2. /ginfo receives information concerning your guild.
  3. /g allows a short memo to be sent to all the players of your guild.
  4. /o sends chat messages to officers inside your guild.
  5. /ginvite invites other people to the guild.
  6. /gremove eliminates a player from a certain guild.
  7. /gpromote makes a character goes up a ranking inside your guild.
  8. /gdemote lowers a rank for people in the same guild.
  9. /gmotd configures the motto for the day.
  10. /gquit quits from a guild.
  11. /groster hands the entire guild to other ones.
  12. /gleader gives master powers to another member of the guild.
  13. /gdisband dissolves the guild, but this is only for leaders.
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