World’s 10 Best Steakhouses

Where are the top ten best steakhouses in the world? First guess would say Texas but not so fast. Research shows that though that's where the cattle are raised, it's not necessarily where they wind up on a silver platter. America dominates the steakhouse scene, but surely that can't mean that the only steakhouses worth visiting are in the States. 

  1. Cabana las Lilas: Argentina has the best steak in the world. Nobody argues that point. They do argue which restaurant is the best. Cabana las Lilas is mentioned repeatedly. The steak they serve comes from their own ranch, and every step from ranch to plate is handled in-house, by them. Cabana las Lilas: Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  2. Sparks; Manhattan, NYC. You know, where John Gotti got his start by taking out Paul Castellano. This place has built-in ambience, but it's the steak everybody raves about. Sparks: 210 East 46th St., New York, NY 10017.
  3. Ruth's Chris chain. Apparently when you're this good, you start replicating. It's surprising to have a chain be considering a "best" for steak (or anything for that matter) but it is highly rated by the masses. Though, when you read the actual reviews, people tend to either love it or hate it. An evening for two will run you roughly $150 so if that's not in your budget, don't go there. Chain: International locations.
  4. Wooley's Steakhouse; Bloomington, MN This one seems to be a shock to everyone, as Wooley's is a hotel restaurant in Embassy Suites, near the International Airport. Hotel restaurants aren't generally known for good food, nevermind "great." But it is an award-winning steakhouse. The food is phenomenal, and the prices are reasonable. Wooley's Steakhouse: 7901 34th Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55425-1605
  5. Goodman Steakhouse; Moscow, Russia.  Readers preferred the ambience of Moscow to London, so we are listing it here, first. Goodman Steak House: Tverskaya Ulitsa 23, Moscow, Russia, 105064.
  6. Goodman Steak House; London, England. Goodman's uses only grain and grass-fed herds for their prime beef. It is then matured in their dry-aging room and cooked over charcoal. Goodman Steak House: Mayfair 26 Maddox St., London W1S 1QH, United Kingdom.
  7. Le Relais de l'Entrecote: Paris, France. Now here's an intriguing concept! You get your steak half at a time, with fries. Brilliant because everybody knows the first few bites are the best, and after that things start cooling down. All they serve is steak with "mystery sauce" and apparently it's unforgettable. Ask the editors to send us over there to test it. Le Relais de l'Entrecote: 15 Rue Marbeuf 75008 Paris, France, 01 49 52 07 17.
  8. Buca San Giovanni; Florence, Italy. Italy is world-renowned for its pasta, but this is one restaurant that makes the steak list. Their steak fiorentino is divine, as are their many pasta dishes, and they have a phenomenal wine list. Buca San Giovanni: Piazza di San Giovanni, 8 50129 Firenze, Italy – 055 219151
  9. 529 Wellington; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Canadian Prime is a higher standard than USDA Prime; there's a little-known factoid for you. And while 529 Wellington is a steakhouse, it's housed in a converted mansion. The surroundings are exquisite, and you can request to be seated in either public or private dining. You can expect your bill for two (without wine) to be between the $100 to $150 mark. 529 Wellington Steakhouse: 529 Wellington Crescent
    Winnipeg, MB R3M 0A1, Canada.
  10. Saltgrass Steak House; Houston, Texas. The first Saltgrass Steak House is in Houston, but there are 35 locations statewide and a few sprinkled through neighboring states. They also serve chicken and seafood, and all their soups, breads and desserts are fresh, made from scratch daily. Saltgrass Steak House: National chain.

These are the world's 10 best steakhouses. If you strongly feel anything worthy of mention was missed, drop us a line.


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