The World’s 10 Hottest Girls

The World's 10 hottest girls come from across the globe. Their beauty is unmatched and their sexiness is steaming! Whether they are acting, modeling, or singing, they all have the ability to make people drool.

  1. Miranda Kerr. She replaced Gisele Bundchen as the lead Victoria's Secret model. This Australian angel has been modeling for Victoria's Secret since 2007. But she has also earned her wings by being a fashion ambassador for department stores like David Jones.
  2. Eva Mendes. Thankfully, this gorgeous Latina has a fruitful film career. Fans get to see her movies whenever they want and keep getting rewarded with each film she is in. She also likes to pose for Vogue and other magazines, which only display her hotness.
  3. Cheryl Cole. She is referred to as "the nation's new sweetheart" in England. It isn't any wonder the former Girls Aloud member is sweet yet seductive. Her voice lends to her talents as well as her innocent beauty.
  4. Marilyn Monroe. Timeless beauty is an understatement. Marilyn Monroe may be long gone, but her reputation as being one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived still carries on. From pin-up girl to talented actress, she won over the hearts of men and women alike.
  5. Penelope Cruz. She won the Academy Award for best supporting actress, but this leading lady deserves an award for her gorgeous features. She is the muse for director Pedro Almodovar. Her accent is something to be revered when hearing her interviews – it becomes the icing on the cake.
  6. Beyonce. Whether you're a fan of Sasha Fierce or not, she is still one of the world's hottest girls. Talented, strong-willed, and an inspiration to women everywhere, Beyonce is a mega-mogul. She dances like no one's business, her music is always hot, and she has the beauty to back it up.
  7. Marisa Miller. This California is certainly undeniable. She is one of the world famous Victoria's Secret models. Little known fact – she ran a surf school in California before committing to modeling full-time.
  8. Allesandra Ambrosio. This Brazilian model is the epitome of a sexy South American Amazon Goddess. She is one of the Victoria's Secret models. She has also opened for Chanel and is the picture perfect face for Dior's cosmetic line.
  9. Dita Von Tease. Not merely a burlesque dancer, Dita Von Tease represents vintage beauty. Her small waste, snow white skin, black locks, and amazing curves makes her one of the hottest girls in the world. She is so hot, in fact, she put on a show for the royal family in England.
  10. Emmanuelle Chriqui. After both of her parents immigrated from Morocco to Canada, I'm sure they didn't know what would be in store for their little girl. She speaks French and English fluently and got her big break playing in "Entourage". She is humble and kind, which radiates through her sexy smile.
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