The World’s 10 Most Coolest And Best Pinewood Derby Cars

The world's 10 most coolest and best pinewood derby cars have the Boy Scouts of America to thank for their existence at all. A racing event for the Cub Scouts, the Pinewood Derby has kids, with the help of their parents, creating their own model cars from kits that include blocks of pinewood.

  1. Standard Coupe. The standard coupe is a lot greater than just a tad of nostalgia. As far as Pinewood Derby cars go, it is a sharp machine that battles its way all the way to the finish. Its windshield features auto striping while its body striping is an eighth-inch, white, pin striping.
  2. Standard Muscle Car. The standard muscle car Pinewood Derby car is another bruiser that, thanks to its design, fights its way to the finish line. With simply a car kit and fundamental tools, you, too, can build this bad boy, which features auto striping on its windows.
  3. The Accelerator. As far as Pinewood Derby cars go, the Accelerator is one built for aerodynamic speed thanks to its design. At only three-eighths of an inch wide, this little speed demon flies down the track, enhancing your shot at victory.
  4. Standard Wedge. The standard wedge is the epitome of Pinewood Derby cars since it is the classic shape of such cars. Well suited for first-time builders and derby participants, the wedge is simple to build and also assures you good performance.
  5. The Low-Rider. Named the Low-Rider because of its design, this Pinewood Derby car is built with a low profile for the purpose of zipping down the track. While it looks cool, this Pinewood Derby car also features technology that makes its center of gravity move closer to the rear axle.
  6. Standard Rail. The standard rail is a Pinewood Derby car that looks odd and unusual. However, its design is actually based on the real-life top-fuel dragster.
  7. Formula One. The formula one car will attract the eye of the judges and spectators, giving you an advantage over other competitors at the Pinewood Derby. Unlike other Pinewood Derby cars, this one is constructed with the EJ11 Jordan race car in mind.
  8. The Sports Car. Pretty self-explanatory, the sports car is the Pinewood Derby car you want to build if you want to look great racing to the finish line.  A sleek racer, the sports car is one of the models that's built for speed.
  9. The Truck. If you want something a little different, build the truck model for your Pinewood Derby, just for fun. In addition to being a unique car, the truck features flexibility for refining its weight position to the point where it will reach a successful performance.
  10. The Dune Buggy. The dune buggy is another unorthodox type of Pinewood Derby car which draws the eye to it based on its roll cage constructed out of aluminum rod! This car is also recommended for new builders.
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