World’s 5 Most Expensive Jewelry Makers

Jewelry with diamonds and precious stones have become a worldwide symbol of exclusivity, thanks in part to the world's 5 most expensive jewelry makers. These jewelry makers have a long history of designing and crafting some of the world's most expensive luxury goods. 

  1. Cartier. This world renowned jewelry maker is famous not only in Europe but all over the world. It is one of the world's 5 most expensive jewelry makers as the brand's signature trinity ring costs $8,700. This ring is adorned with 3-gold and opulent diamonds. Some jewelry by Cartier can cost over $16,000. As one of the world's most expensive jewelry makers, Cartier has been a favorite among many socialites and celebrities. 
  2. Tiffany & Co. Famous for its honorable mention in the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Tiffany & Co. is an extremely prestigious brand. It is also one of the world's most expensive jewelry makers. Tiffany & Co. features not only its signature platinum rings, but also a wide array of jewelry collections adorned with diamonds and other precious stones. A customer favorite is the diamond cobblestone band ring, a decadent ring that costs $10,000 for its intricate design and rose-cut diamonds. 
  3. Van Cleef and Arpels. Van Cleef and Arpels is renowned for its artistic jewelry collections. These collections are inspired by different themes, including Neptune, oceans, nature, butterflies, and even "Midsummer Night's Dream."  Van Cleef and Arpels is not only one of the world's 5 most expensive jewelry makers, it is also famous for all the intricate and sophisticated designs that have stunned many. A simple diamond necklace with 18K gold already costs close to $10,000. The most famous piece crafted by Van Cleef and Arpels is the Organdi diamond necklace. This necklace is made with 79 carats diamonds and white gold. 
  4. Bulgari. Bulgari often appears in fashion magazines for its leather goods, such as bracelets and handbags. However, Bulgari is also one of the world's 5 most expensive jewelry makers, this brand is also famous for its variety of luxurious necklaces, pendants, earrings, and cufflinks. The Parentesi Cocktail necklace, currently out of stock, features 18K pink gold, colored gemstones, and high quality diamonds. This necklace is priced at $18,500. The Cerchi necklace, even more opulent than the Parentesi Cocktail necklace, is intricately decorated with topazes, peridots, tourmalines, and amethysts. 
  5. Chopard. This Swiss jewelry maker has just celebrated its 150th anniversary. One of Chopard's signature jewelry is a diamond pendant that costs $19,050. In addition to diamond necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, Chopard is also famous for its luxurious time pieces. 

Now that you have learned about the world's 5 most expensive jewelry makers are, you can start browsing their catalogs and begin saving up money for your next big purchase.



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