The Worlds Hardest Game Cheats

To learn about “The World’s Hardest Game” cheats you need to know that this game is a creation of the website “Armor Games”. The "World’s Hardest Game" is considered the most challenging game that you’ve ever played before or ever will play. There are two versions of this game. In this game, you are a red square and must avoid the blue circles and collect the yellow circles and once you have collected all of them, you will have to move to the green beacon to complete the level. You must know that some stages have more than one beacon; the intermediary beacons act as checkpoints. There are 30 levels that you must complete to submit your score, which will be the reflection of how many times you have failed. Since many people cannot complete the 30 levels and give up because of difficulty, there are some cheats or codes that you can add to this game in order to accomplish this brain crushing pain.

  1. Complete all Levels Instantly. To carry out this cheat in "The World's Hardest Game" press “Right Click” anywhere in the game, then click “Settings” now choose the microphone and click the arrow next to the drop down box and press “Play”. Now you will be able to watch the red square playing by itself completing all the 30 levels.
  2. No Walls and Enemies. There is a code or cheat in "The World's Hardest Game" where you can toggle no walls/no enemies by pressing the space bar. It means that if you press once space bar, you will be able to walk through walls and invulnerable to blue circles’ attacks. However, if you press the space bar one more time (twice), it will switch the effect and won’t be able to pass through walls and will be exposed to attacks again.
  3. Speed Hack. This cheat has been created to make use of high speed. You can carry this out in "The World's Hardest Game" by holding shift down, so you will have more chances to complete successfully the levels. However, this cheat doesn’t concede total victory, since you some people cannot control high speed properly and get hit by blue circles.
  4. No Levels. This cheat is all that matters since you can skip the levels by pressing the key “Ctrl” (or “Control”). However, it is not so fun, since you practically do nothing and don’t feel adrenaline of playing an exciting game such as "The World’s Hardest Game."
  5. All Cheats Together. It refers to the compilation of all the cheats mentioned before (except the first one – Complete All Levels Instantly). It means that you are able to toggle walls and enemies, use faster speed and skip levels. A subject nicknamed “Psycho” created a hacked version that provides all these cheats in "The World's Hardest Game". Psycho also made the green beacons as happy faces in his hacked version.
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