Worst AC/DC Albums

Listen to the death rattle of classic rock with the worst AC/DC albums. We understand that after 34 years in the music business, it can be difficult to keep your material fresh. Bands that haven't been around nearly half as long can have a difficult time coming up with new sounds and ideas, and as you age it can't get any easier. We can even understand label pressure, having some record exec breathing down your neck to churn out the next big hit so he has a positive report to show the shareholders can't be conducive to the creative process. But after a while, our patience begins to wear thin, especially when an awesome band like AC/DC stops trying and begins to make the same album over and over again. For the last 15 years, AC/DC seems to have become content with playing the same six songs again and again only with different lyrics. They seem to be content to just sit back and cash in on the nostalgia dollars for the lack of effort. 

  1. "For Those About the Rock ( We Salute You)" 1981– This is the first album AC/DC put out after the death of Bon Scott. And while we would all eventually get used to Brian Johnson, things just weren't the same without Bon Scott.
  2. "Flick of the Switch" 1983- This album has the trademark AC/DC sound: lots of thick bass with heavy drums and lightning riffs- but it lacks the energy that we have come to expect from AC/DC.
  3. "'74 Jail Break" 1983- An album of rare AC/DC recordings makes us glad that they did improve over time, but it is so rough around the edges it's almost painful. If you listen close enough, you can hear Bon Scott slurring his words throughout the album.
  4. "Fly on the Wall" 1985- By the time this album came out, it was beginning to become obvious that AC/DC was no longer trying. The same series of beats and riffs that were awesome ten years ago are now trite, boring and predictable.
  5. "Stiff Upper Lip" 2000- After a much needed break, AC/DC returned. But instead of bringing something new to the table, they relied on the sounds that have carried them for the last 30 years. They didn't even have the decency to come up with good lyrics for this album. 
  6. "Black Ice" 2008- At this point, AC/DC has given up and so have we. Instead of listening to the new stuff, we will just sit here and listen to our Dad's old AC/DC albums. They all sound the same at this point and at least the older material had interesting lyrics.

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