Worst Bands In The World

Choosing the worst bands in the world is not an enjoyable task. It's a little bit like taking out the garbage. However, the sooner the stinky stuff is put away, the sooner the house starts smelling good again.

  1. Creed. Creed made the top of the list primarily because of singer Scott Stapp. The man claims to be a Christian, yet his drinking problem gets him into more trouble than many heathens. "With Arms Wide Open" was nominated for a 2001 Grammy, but the group has gone down hill since then. They could have been one of the best, perhaps, but now they're one of the worst bands in  the world.
  2. Nickelback. Critics have complained about this group's song subjects, which mainly cover strippers, sex, prostitutes, drugs, sex, drinking and sex. The group's style is lame, too. Songs are made up of predictable chord structures and lyrics. In a word: boring.  
  3. Limp Bizkit. This group popularized the combo style of rap-rock. But to fans of either style, Limp Bizkit is neither. This makes them one of the worst bands in the world.
  4. Fall Out Boy. One of the worst rock styles is emo. And one of the most popular emo bands is Fall Out Boy. This equation adds up to Fall Out Boy being one of the worlds worst bands.
  5. Styx. This Chicago band was led by Dennis DeYoung, who has an annoying whiny voice. Stupid sci-fi songs like Mr. Roboto solidify Styx as one of the worst bands in the world.
  6. Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Great progressive music mixes rock, classical and sometimes jazz together for something new and beautiful. Emerson, Lake & and Palmer, one of the worst bands in the world, created regressive rock by adding classical to rock and coming up with much less than they started with.
  7. Starship. This is the band that claimed, "We Built This City On Rock & Roll," which Blender magazine voted as the worst song of all time. Let's add to the group's rewards and also put them in the worst bands in the world category.
  8. Angels and Airwaves. It's bad enough that singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge cursed the world with Blink-182. However, he also gave us Angels and Airwaves, a spin off band that was even worse. Just stop!
  9. Bad English. John Waite's a fine singer, but when he paired with Journey's Neal Schon, he created such bad AOR rock, it made us long again for Journey and The Babys again. And both those bands were the worst corporate rock.
  10. Black Eyed Peas. Yes, Fergie is hot looking and sings well. But Black Eyed Peas sings such dumb songs. Yes, Fergie has lady parts. However, do we really need to hear her sing about them in "My Humps."? No!
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